Clopay Warranty Coverage

If you're replacing your garage door, you want to be sure your investment will provide reliable service for years to come. The best way to get that peace of mind is by choosing a supplier that backs up their work with a great garage door installation warranty.

We offer warranty coverage not just for our products, but also for any garage door replacement performed by one of our Master Authorized Dealers or Authorized Dealers. As a result, you can be certain your choice of a quality Clopay® door will be backed by an installation performed to Clopay’s highest standards of quality.

Man stacking garage door sections during installation

Why Is an Installation Warranty Important?

A garage door is an important part of the exterior of your property. In addition to providing curb appeal, it also contributes to the overall security and energy efficiency of your home. A door that is improperly installed may not function properly or even pose a safety risk. Add to that the expense of maintenance and emergency repairs, and it's obvious why working with a company that offers a garage door installation warranty is important.

At Clopay, we're highly selective with whom we work. We take great care to develop beautiful, durable and reliable residential garage doors and we want our partners to uphold that standard in the work they do.

Our Authorized Dealers and Master Authorized Dealers are carefully chosen for their skill, expertise and knowledge of our product line. As a result, we are able to offer an industry-exclusive, one-year installation warranty on all replacement Clopay residential garage doors installed by one of our Dealers.

What's Covered?

The Clopay garage door installation warranty covers any residential garage door replacement performed by one of our Authorized Dealers or Master Authorized Dealers. It provides a full year of protection against installation defects that impair the proper operation of your door and prevent it from conforming with Clopay standards.

If your door isn’t installed to these high standards, your Clopay Master Authorized or Authorized Dealer will get your garage door working properly.

Our overhead garage door installation warranty begins the day the work is completed, providing you with a full year of coverage from that time. Warranties are not applicable to new construction installations, and do not cover damages caused by the homeowner. For a full list of terms and exclusions, please consult the warranty agreement or speak with your Clopay Master Authorized Dealer or Authorized Dealer directly.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Garage door installation warranty coverage is only offered on door replacements performed by one of our Authorized Dealers or Master Authorized Dealers. Use our Dealer Locator to find a representative in your area.

Your Clopay Dealer is your first point of contact for any warranty installation issues – get in touch with them at the first sign of any problem with your door installation. Contact Clopay directly only after you've spoken with your Clopay Dealer and they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Where to Find More Information

All information on this page is subject to the limitations and terms of the Clopay Residential Garage Door Installation Warranty. Download it here or contact your local Clopay Master Authorized or Authorized Dealer for more information.