Aluminum And Glass Garage Doors

When it comes to sleek, contemporary styles, the full-view garage door is a staple on many home exteriors.  The large glass panels on an aluminum-frame garage door allow for plenty of natural light, taking the warm glow of sunlight from outside and bringing it into your garage.  If privacy is an important factor based on your home’s design, no worries – glass options are available to offer the right light transmission and obscurity to meet your needs.

The smooth design of these doors are also built to last, with rust-proof and corrosion resistant metal. If you prefer a design that does not include glass panels, solid aluminum panels are also available to provide the modern style you seek with maximum privacy.

This durable door is the perfect choice to modernize any home; transforming not only garages, it can also be used as an indoor partition. Paint or powder-coated frame finishes in solid colors are offered, giving you the opportunity to make your door complement the tones of your home’s exterior.

Avante® Collection



  • 2-1/8” thick aluminum frame provides a virtually maintenance-free, long-lasting door.
  • Intellicore® polyurethane insulated rails and stiles available on Model AXU.
  • Numerous glass and panel options available.
  • Section joint seal helps keep out air and water.
  • Heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon tires provide quiet operation.
  • Custom colors are available as well as seven different factory finish and color options to choose from.
  • Can also be used as an indoor loft partition or a versatile solarium door.

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