Material Efficiency — longer-lasting products, fewer replacements

Steel Garage Door Products

Coachman Collection

Our Canyon Ridge® Collection, Coachman® Collection and Grand Harbor® Collection steel and composite carriage-house style garage doors help conserve natural resources by providing an attractive, low-maintenance alternative to natural wood garage doors.

  • The door materials are impervious to moisture and will not rot, warp, crack or fade.
  • A number of our garage doors are insulated with environmentally safe, expanded polyurethane made from recycled content.

Wood Garage Door Products

Reserve Collection

Materials for our Reserve® Collection wood doors are purchased from suppliers who have certifications for their logging practices. Rain forests are not damaged and green practices are followed.

The mills we purchase from re-plant for the harvested timber to ensure a long term sustainable wood fiber and sustainable forest management.

Structural Integrity

torsion spring

Residential garage doors are counterbalanced with torsion springs that last 50% longer than industry standard oil-tempered springs.

elegant short panel stamp

Our steel is true 24, 25 or 27 gauge to ensure a quality appearance, dent resistance and longer life.

Paint Fan

A paint system that begins with hot dipped galvanizing, then coating with a baked-on primer and finished with a baked-on top coat both inside and out, reduces fading and wear from natural exposure.

WindCode Comparison

This image shows the back of a steel door with and without the structural reinforcement of our WindCode® doors.

When it comes to maintaining structural integrity during a hurricane or storm the garage door is critical to preserving a home's structural integrity during a hurricane or high wind storm.

  • Clopay WindCode® garage doors are installed "storm ready" – eliminating the need to install extra add-on parts to secure the door in the event of a storm.
  • Reinforcement is contained within the structure of the door and is engaged by simply locking it.