Commercial Door Considerations

Eight steps to specifying Clopay® commercial sectional garage doors:

1. Identify and label each door location for consistent referencing.

2. Determine width and height requirements for each door opening.

  • Measure available headroom -the distance from the header to the ceiling or any obstruction above the header.
  • Measure backroom -the horizontal distance from the wall back to the outermost portion of the operator (if motor operated), or near the end of the horizontal track (if manually operated).
  • Measure sideroom -the distance from the edge of the opening (including any guide setback) to the outside of mechanisms on the drive or tension brackets and outside the motor if mounted in this area.

3. Select the commercial door type: Insulated, Non-Insulated or Full-View.

4. Determine option requirements.

5. Determine door operator needs: manual or motor operator. NOTE: Options, such as automated door electronics, can be specific.

6. Determine usage frequency for proper spring specification including high-cycle spring options.

7. Choose a panel style: rib panel, raised panel and/or embossed pattern, along with desired finish/color.

8. Request color selector to review all color options. Factory-finished and baked-on enamel finishes and customized ColorBlast™ colors are available.