Clopay® Unveils New Pedestrian Pass Door Design for Commercial Overhead Sectional Steel Doors

May 03, 2019

Clopay Commercial New Pass Door

Clopay has updated its commercial pass door with an enhanced interior reinforcement system that improves both aesthetics and performance.

The 32” x 80” pass door has an aluminum frame construction with a shiplap design to provide a durable, weather-resistant seal. A continuous boxed channel bottom rail strengthens the door against wind and horizontal deflection, and a rain cap stops water from accumulating around the opening.

The door opens and closes with a geared hinge to ensure smooth operation and longevity. The interior and exterior are primed and coated with a baked-on polyester paint finish for a low-maintenance, rust-resistant surface.”

“By reinforcing the pass door from the inside, we were able to eliminate a weld joint on the exterior aluminum frame to give the entire unit a sleeker, seamless appearance,” says Clopay commercial product manager Jill Dodson. “The new design is a win for both form and function.”

A pedestrian pass door is ideal for applications where a standard entry door cannot be installed because of space limitations. It helps saves on heating and cooling costs by reducing the number of times the main overhead door needs to be opened and closed.

“Fewer operating cycles means less wear and tear on the springs and hardware and lower maintenance costs over time. Combine our pass door with our overhead sectional steel door construction and insulation options and there is a real opportunity for building managers and specifiers to save on operating costs,” adds Dodson.

The new design is available on Clopay commercial models 3720, 3722, 3724, 3200 and 3220 with a ribbed design, up to 16’2” wide x 16’ tall.

Visit for more information and specifications.

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